How Tight Should My Lifting Belt Be?

Compared to a prong belt, you can get a tighter fit if you use a lever belt.

If you want to tie the powerlifting belt as tightly as possible, the lever belt allows you to do so.

This is not to say that the prong is not tight at the waist.

Compared to claw buckles, the lever system allows you to close tighter adjustments on the belt.

It should be clear that not everyone likes a tight belt.

A tighter belt does not necessarily mean better.

There is usually a "sweet spot" for how everyone likes to wear a belt.

You don't want your belt to be too tight for you to perform the correct "breathing and reinforcement" technique. I wrote a complete article.

This is the process of joining your core and waist belt to create "spine stiffness".

For example, if your belt is so tight that you can barely breathe, there will definitely be some diminishing returns when implementing effective reinforcement techniques.

However, in general, a tighter belt will make you feel safer under the heaviest weight.

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